New Brondell toilet seats at Chapiteaux

Today, the team at Chapiteaux is happy to announce that we’ve made upgrades to all our suites which we’re sure our guests are going to love. Many of our guests, especially in the winter, go out to enjoy the slopes of Bromont, whether it be skiing or snowboarding. We understand that there’s nothing quite like coming back to their rooms to relax after a long day of intense activity and fun. That’s why to make the experience more enjoyable, we’ve installed new heated toilets in all our suites. Our guests can say goodbye to cold toilet seats during the cold winter!

The good news doesn’t stop there. At first glance, you might think that these toilet seats do nothing but warm your bottom. But no! They are not just toilet seats. These are bidets. That’s right. The toilet seat itself has a built-in bidet spraying comfortable warm water. After you’re done using the bidet, you can turn on the built-in air dryer. For guests who are unsure about how to use their new toilet seats, you can contact our staff on duty and they’ll be more than glad to show you what your new toilet can do. If you prefer, you can click the following link to read about the Brondell bidet toilet seat that we’ve installed in your suite to familiarize yourself before coming to Chapiteaux. These bidet seats are actually very popular in hotels across Asia, and we’re happy to announce that Chapiteaux is one of the first hotels in North America to equip all our toilets with these seats. At Chapiteaux, it is of utmost importance to us that our guests are able to enjoy maximum comfort and relaxation, so we our constantly looking for ways to do that. Installing these new toilet seats is just one of many ways Chapiteaux has done so.

We chose to work with Brondell seats because they are consistently rated as one of the best Japanese bidet seat of recent years. They are one of the simpler bidets to learn how to use, and their remotes feature large, easy-to-read buttons. If you have any questions or comments about the new bidets, we encourage you to share them with our staff at reception, as we value the opinions of our guests greatly.

To our future guests, we thank you for choosing to stay at Chapiteaux. We hope to see you soon and we hope that you will like our new Brondell bidets!

– Sebastian, Customer Relations Manager

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